About LunchVegaz

LunchVegaz stands for gourmet, organic, vegan convenience food of the highest quality. We provide healthy ready-made food with great nutritional value for your active lifestyle.
Our mission is to stand out from the market of typical fast-food by offering you:

  • easy and quick preparation
  • great diversity due to international recipes
  • balanced nutrition even when you’re on the run
  • best ingredients and preservation of the maximum amount of natural nutrients
  • easy access to vegan food at all times.

At the moment, there are 8 international, all-vegetable main dishes to choose from – 22 more to come soon – purchasable at our LuchVegaz online shop or at one of our LunchVegaz vending machines.
The menu trays can be heated via either the vending machine’s built-in heating elements or using any oven, pan or microwave – treat yourself in just a few minutes!
However stressful or busy your daily routine might be, you never need to forego healthy eating with our LunchVegaz dishes from all corners of the world.

Why healthy?

At LunchVegaz, natural and organic ingredients and fresh vegetables are used exclusively – preservatives or flavour enhancers are off limits. We carefully composed our meals to provide you with an optimal spectrum of essential nutrients to boost your health and energy.

Cooked in a very gentle manner and packaged under vacuum, vitamins and nutrients remain in the food. We also deliberately refrain from pasteurisation: our products nonetheless have a shelf life of approximately 25 days when cooled continuously.

Being vegan is our conviction of the heart.

Our attitude is live and let live.

We are convinced: tasty and varied vegan food benefits everyone.

This is LunchVegaz:

  • vegan gourmet dishes readily available
  • meals can be prepared in only a few minutes
  • full nutritional value due to vacuum packaging
  • reliable quality
  • great diversity, enabling a balanced diet
  • convenience food at its healthiest

Eat well and feel great.

This is us

LunchVegaz is a small family business. Food is our passion, best quality our priority.

Cooking is craft and creativity and always dear to our hearts.

LunchVegaz Team